About Us

We have a varied points of interests based on art, technology, design, advertising, marketing, social communications and more. This is the place where we create a content that spins our wheels. And it’s part of our content strategy, so we’re doing what we preach.


Our focus on the future is to supply the business market in Oman with our outstanding design solutions that would grow together the firm and our client's success.


To provide high quality, conceptual, professional and complete creative services in all visual communication fields.

Values CCC

Scenography LLC highly values “Concept innovation" in its services and products, "Cooperation" within the team and with its clients, "Commitment" to excellence.

Story & Name

Since we have decided to startup this firm, we found ourselves overwhelmed with work orders; “Apparently, the founders of the firm Dr. Abdulazeez Alghareebi and Mr. Taher Alharrasi are two creative individuals whom well known figures within the design realm. They have been motivated to start up the business due to the high demand on their innovative work and consulting that they used to provide by freelancing. Literally, they realized the importance of authorizing their efforts and turn it into a recognized and reliable enterprise which delivers their passion and professional experience to the private and public sector bodies”.

After all, we named it “Scenography” to reflect the meaning of art perspective and representation especially as applied to the design/ composition and coloring of space scenery.


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Dr. Abdul Azeez Al Ghareebi

Is a passionate artist with multiple talents and experiences in art and design disciplines including theatre, music, andfine arts. He has ten years experience as a design lecturer at the colleges of applied sciences (Salalah – Ibri – and Nizwa). Apparently, he took an unpaid leave to conduct his design business as a consultant and director striving his ambitions in the market.
Al Ghareebi have experienced a challenging path to achieve his academic ambitions in deal with his career progression. Yet, he believes that real designers should not remain behind desks and inside classrooms forever.

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Mr. Taher Alharrasi

Is a creative artist that has a great deal of experience through the past eight years in graphic design with academic background that solids his visual ideas and passion in a memorable way. Taher is also a stage director that allies his theatre scenery composition aspects into visual design practice. Along with his various technical skills, he is greatly influenced by the practice of semiotics that allows him to play a major role in characterizing the Omani visual identity.